Are you impaired by reason of illness, inebriation, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, chemicals, or other substances, or as a result of any physical or mental condition? For assistance contact the Wellness Program Director at 1-855-865-6704.FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE WELLNESS PROGRAM OR TO SELF-REPORT AN IMPAIRMENT (DRUG/ALCOHOL ADDICTION, ETC.) CONTACT DR. GARVER @ 855-865-6704.


    Requests for license verification must be mailed to the board's office. Requests must include name, license number, valid email address and telephone number, and state(s) to which you wish verification to be sent along with a fee of $25 per request. (It is the board’s policy not to accept personal checks, cash or credit cards, but will accept money orders, certified checks or company checks.).


    License renewal period runs July 1st through September 30th. All Licenses expire at midnight September 30th. Ten hours of continuing education is required upon renewal.


    The Board of Physical Therapy receives complaints against its licensees and will determine if the complaint falls within its jurisdiction. If the complaint is within the board’s jurisdiction, an investigation will be conducted. Complaints should be submitted on the Complaint Form which can be downloaded/printed from the Forms section of the website. It is important that you complete the form and include as much fact as is available, including such things as the date(s) of the alleged action, the licensee’s full name and address, the exact nature of the complaint, the names of other individuals who might be involved and their relationship to the complaint, as well as any other information which will assist in the investigation. The board has no jurisdiction over actions concerning fees.


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